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How can you leverage metrics to drive continuous improvement?

The days of safety metrics focusing on lagging indicators are over. Safety-conscious companies have begun to adopt leading indicators that, if used correctly, will show how effective their safety process truly is. 

In this white paper you will learn:

  • Why you should use metrics
  • How to effectively utilize metrics
  • Which leading indicators will have the most impact
  • How metrics can be used to drive improvement
  • How your safety metrics compare to other organizations
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Client Testimonials

Dean K

Dean Kuhlman

Director of Safety at Thompson Industrial

It’s very convenient and encouraging to have a vision, talk with the Predictive Solutions team about that vision and why it’s important to our team, and then immediately take action and make our vision a reality. Predictive Solutions’ investment in the success of our safety program and employees is unmatched. They are a huge contributor to our safety program reaching new heights.


William Powell

Regional Safety Manager at Donley's Inc.

The benefits that we have is that we are actively engaged from executive-level leadership all the way down to our field engineers. Everyone is required to do an audit a week on every project which gives us a way to be actively engaged and drill into questions as well as have management involvement from an operational level. Looking at our return on investment, our incident rate is down 84% over the past 18 months since we started using the software.

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